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Release Schedule: 2013 August

The following items summarize the major items plans for the next few CoG releases. Links to the full list are also provided. View the prioritization spreadsheet for this schedule.

October 2013 Version 1.8 (view full list of items on github)

  • Significantly increase the options for project-level metadata to include items for managing workshops and short courses as well as describing software development projects.
  • Enable projects to customize descriptive text on the data search page.
  • Some refactoring of Django modules for code efficency.

November 2013 Version 1.9 (view full list of items on github)

  • Redesign of the news widget to make it a scrollable box of headlines.
  • Be able to turn off the data search widget.
  • Enable projects to have a splash page.
  • Standardize spacing across the site.
  • Some cosemtic additions to various widgets. 
  • Additional refactoring for code efficiency.


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