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Metadata: Summary Table

This table describes the project-descriptive metadata available to projects through CoG's upper navigation bar.

Attribute Name Definition

Location in the upper nav bar

 Long Name A sentence-long title of the project. About Us Landing Page  yes
Description A short paragraph that describes the project. About Us Landing Page  yes
External URL Link to a project's web site if not hosted on CoG About Us Landing Page  no
Mission Description of why the project exists and what it does. About Us -> Mission  no
Vision Outlines what a project wants to be, or how it wants the world in which it operates to be. It is a long-term view. About Us -> Vision  no
Values Beliefs that are shared among the members of a project. Values influence culture and priorities and provide a framework for informing decisions. About Us -> Values  no
History A narrative describing the origination and evolution of the project. About Us -> History  no
Partners Projects or organizations that collaborate on this project. About Us -> Partners  no
Sponsors Organizations or agencies that financially support the project. About Us -> Sponsors  no
People List of project members. Harvests the photo, institutiion, and research interests from member profiles. About Us -> People  no
Features Key features of a software product Software Landing Page  yes
System Requirements Hardware components or other software resources needed to be present for a software package to run. Software Landing Page  no
Supported Platforms Platforms upon which a software package runs. Software Landing Page  no
License The license under which a software package is released. Software Landing Page  no
Implementation Language The computer language a software package is written in. Software Landing Page  no
Binding Language   Software Landing Page  no
External Dependencies   Software Landing Page  no
Download and Releases List of software releases and location where to download the software Software -> Download and Releases  no
Admin Guide Link to the adminstrator's guide of a software package. Software -> Admin Guide  no
Getting Started How to get started using a software package User Landing Page  yes
FAQ FAQ for a software package. User's Guide -> FAQ  no
User's Guide Link to the user's guide for a software package User's -> User's Guide  no
Code Examples Link to examples on how to use a software package User's -> Code Examples  no
Development Overview A paragraph describing the development processes of a project Developers Landing Page  yes
Repositories Link to the reposititory where a software package is stored Developers -> Repositories  no
Trackers Link to a project's issue tracking system Developers -> Trackers  no
Developer's Guide Link to a software product's guide for developers Developers -> Dev Guide  no
Design Links to software design documents Developers -> Design  no
Testing Links to software testing documents Developers -> Testing  no
Use Cases Links to software use cases Developers -> Use Cases  no
Checklists Links to software release checklists Developers -> Checklists  no
Plans Links to any project plan Plans Landing Page yes
Future Work Description of the future plans of a project Plans -> Future Work  no
Roadmaps List of roadmaps Plans -> Roadmaps  no
Release Schedules Release schedules for software Plans -> Release Schedules  no
Governance Overview A paragraph describing the overall governance stragegy of project Governance Landing Page  no
Organizational Bodies Organizational entities such as steering committees or working groups Governance -> Bodies  no
Organizational Roles Key people and project functions they perform Governance -> Roles  no
Communication Mechanisms How a project communicates (e.g. telecons, meetings etc) Governance -> Communications  no
Task Prioritization Strategy A paragraph describing how tasks are prioritized. This description may include who participates, how often they meet, how they meet, and whether the results are public. Governance -> Processes  no
Requirements Identification Process A paragraph describing how requirements are identified. This description may include who participates, what system is used to track requirements, and whether the results are public. Governance -> Processes  no
Policies Links to policies related to a project Governance -> Policies  no
Minutes Links to meeting minutes Governance -> Minutes  no
Metrics Links to project metrics Governance -> Metrics  no
Project Contacts Name and email of the project contact Contact Us Landing Page  yes
Technical Support Name and email of the technical contact for a project Contact Us Landing Page  no
Meeting Support Name and email of support for a meeting Contact Us Landing Page  no
Get Involved A paragraph describing how to get involved with a project Contact Us Landing Page  no
Agenda Link to a meeting or course agenda Agenda/Logistics Landing Page  yes
Registration Link to a meeting or course registration Agenda/Logistics -> Registration  no
Location Link to a meeting or course location Agenda/Logistics -> Location  no
Lodging Link to a meeting's lodging information Agenda/Logistics -> Lodging  no
Transportation Link to a meeting's transportation information Agenda/Logistics -> Transportation  no
Computing Link to a meeting's computing information Agenda/Logistics -> Computing  no


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