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HIWPP Project Administrator Tutorial

HIWPP has chosen the Earth System CoG as it collaboration tool. Project Administrators will have unique duties in the managing of their project's information on CoG. Below is a tutorial to get you started. The first phase of this tutorial, Getting Started, is the same as the project member tutorial, which you will also need to take to learn how to use general CoG functionality.

Phase 1: Getting Started

a) Create an account on the system

Click on the "Create Account" link in the upper right hand corner of this page and fill out the user profile. No approval is necessary to create an account. View detailed tutorial.

b) Understand the HIWPP project structure

There are currently seven HIWPP projects hosted on CoG.  Note that the HIWPP project, and as yet created HIWPP_Partners project will be public while HIWPP_Internal and its child projects are will be private. The private projects are there for working group documentation and collaboration. 


Project Name URL
HIWPP (Public)
HIWPP Internal
HIWPP Management
HWRF Nests
Hydrostatic Models
Non-Hydrostatic Models
Test Program


c) Join the HIWPP_Internal project

HIWPP would like you to join the HIWPP_Internal project. Your membership will then be copied to all projects.

Phase 2: Key Tasks

There are two roles within CoG, Project Administrators and Project Members. There are several key tasks that HIWPP Project Administrators will need to do on CoG. These include managing project membership and editing project-level metadata.

a) Managing project membership

Project Administrators are responsible for approving new project members, and may even have to solicit project membership (if so you can use the instructions listed above).

  • Project Administrators will receive an email notifiying them when a member wishes to join their project.
  • There will be a link in that email taking them to the "Pending Users" interface.  This interface will allow administrators to approve or disapprove the request. Below is a tutorial to walk you through the process:
    • Manageing project membership: Web

b) Editing and maintaining project-level metadata (upper navigation bar content)

CoG comes with an ontology to describe projects and their management. Links to this information exists within the upper navigation bar (in teal). The HIWPP project leads have pre-selected a minimum set of links they wish to use. Project administrators will be expected to fill in and maintain this information. You may also turn on additional links if desired.

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