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Testing: Cross Browser

The following is a list of manual checks to be conducted in Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari. These are primarily cosmetic checks. Functionality checks occur in Fire Fox using Selenium.

The following pages render correctly:

  • Login page
  • Edit site index
  • Project landing page
  • Update project page
  • Project tagging page
  • Project Browser, including "Tags"
  • News widget
  • Publish news
  • Wiki editing
  • Current users page
  • Pending users page
  • All Site users page
  • System users page
  • Configure peers page
  • ESGF Data Groups
  • Resources
  • Governance Bodies
  • Goverance Roles
  • Advanced search page
    • Facets open and close correctly
  • Data search results page
    • Adding items to Data Cart works correctly
  • Data Cart
  • Search configuration page
  • Search facet configuration

Can't test with an ESGF IDP

  • Profile page
  • Update profile page
Last Update: Sept. 2, 2016, 12:30 p.m. by Sylvia Murphy