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Metrics: Demonstrations

Date Audience Focus
10/28/14 GO-ESSP-Tech data services as of 2.7
9/27/13 Chris MacDermaid and Jennifer Valdez (HIWPPP) full demo of 1.7
9/26/13 Steve Warren (HIWPPP) target demo of 1.7
9/24/13 Tim Schnieder (HIWPPP) demo of 1.7 and 1.8
8/12/13 QED 2013 targeted demo of 1.6
5/6/13 EMMA Group (NGDC) capabilities walk through (1.3) with emphasis on metadata
1/30/13 Erin Robinson (ESIP) full demo of 1.1
7/30/12 DCMIP 2012 full demo of 0.9.6
5/25/12 Earth Cube Governance Group full demo of 0.8
5/17/12 Dean Williams full demo of 0.8
4/16/12 Jonh Orcutt, Peter Pissierssens, Jay Pearlman, Francoise Pearlman (Ocean-RCN) full demo of 0.7.1 to see if rest of Ocean-RCN are interested in using CoG.
4/10/12 Christiane Jablonowski targeted demo of 0.7.1 focusing on page creation, bookmarks, project widgets, faceted search, and autonavigation.
3/30/12 Scott Sandgathe (NUOPC) full demo of 0.7.1
2/22/12 Hashhali Hamukuaya (Director, Benguela Commission) full demo of 0.6.1
2/21/12 Yoko Furukawa (Sedimentologist Naval Research Laboratory) full demo of 0.6.1
2/21/12 Ruth Preller (Superindendent of Oceanography, Naval Resarch Laboratory), and Greg Jacobs, Director of the Ocean Prediction Branch, Naval Research Laborabory) full demo of 0.6.1
2/21/12 Hal Batchelder, Co-principal investigator on the Large Marine Ecosystem Knowlege Network full demo of 0.6.1
2/21/12 Suzanne Lawrence, Program Advisor for the Large Marine Ecosystem Knowlege Network Walk through of how to register and create projects, how a large inititive might be subdivided into projects.  Follow on to 2/19/12 Ocean Sciences talk
2/20/12 Robin Mahon, Director of Caribben Large Marine Ecosystem Project full demo of 0.6.1 as a follow on to the 2/19/12 Ocean Sciences talk
2/13/12 NCAR Curator changes in 0.6.1 with emphasis the way to create projects, the advantage of project heirarchies, and rolling up metadata
2/3/12 Gavin Bell (Developer Peer-2-Peer data node) demo of 0.6.1 with emphasis on ESGF projects
10/20/11 Jay Hnilo, Glenn Rutlidge, Allyn Treshansky, Rich Signell, Ken Kaiser, Eoin Howlett, Manil Maskey full demo of release 0.5
10/6/11 Gerry Devine (Metafor Project, British Atmospheric Data Center) full demo of release 0.5
10/4/11 go-essp-tech telco (invites to cog, ncpp_tech, and metafor) full demo of release 0.5
9/19/11 CoG collaborators bookmarks and bookmark folders
6/27/11 David Herring and staff from USGS full demo of release 0.2
6/13/11 CoG collaborators creating a user account, joining project, admin interface improvements,
5/11/11 go-essp-tech meeting in Asheville, NC full demo of release 0.2
4/22/11 CoG collaborators registration page, faceted search
2/18/11 CoG collaborators project home pages, blogs, and admin interface
1/21/11 CoG collaborators demo of news capabilities and initial project view
10/15/10 CoG collaborators first demo of pre-0.1 capabilities


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