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Metadata: External URLs

The following attributes describe an EXTERNAL URL object. We foresee this being used for:

  • Trackers
  • Code
  • Blogs
  • References
  • Project home pages
  • Policies
  • Use cases

but may also used for other external URLs yet conceived.


Attribute Name Definition Optional Cardinality Controlled Vocabulary
Title String used to succintly describe an external URL.  This might be the name of a project or repository, the type of external tracker, or a blog title. No 1


  • Feature Request
  • Bug
  • Support Request
  • Other
URL Link to an external web page.  This could be a code repository, blog, tracker or other reference. No 1 No
Description Long description providing extra information about the external URL. Yes 1 No
Type Type of External URL.  No 1
  • Trackers
  • Code
  • Blog
  • Reference
  • Home Page
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