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Minutes: 120813

In attendance: Sylvia, Ricky, Jillian, Galia


DCMIP 2012 run-down

Feedback document – ticketed and prioritized for development

Role that Christiane plays

            She is a good user – defined a solid use case, provided feedback

Wiki – use

            Barriers to use

            Overcome through blend of tech savvy, encouragement, and task centrality

Evaluation criteria for tools:

            How does this contrast to other uses of informational website or community building site

            Success of the project – infrastructure as invisible

Downscaling workshop 12-16 August, 2013

            Publicly available data/results

            Made it very smooth by declaring it as open access

Needing a safe space to perform intercomparisons

Limiting the styles

Galia – DIP

            Doing it in one project or a set of subprojects

            Private pages for the workshop

            Prepare a use case for Downscaling

            Much more focused on the workshop rather than the preparation/comparison

Test different layouts for the content

There needs to be someone invested in setting up the templates and content organization

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