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Minutes 121129

CoG Meeting 2012-11-29


In attendance: Sylvia, Jillian, Christiane, Irina, Ricky


Revised splash page:

  • People are coming here presumably from the CoG project page, so sending them back there to learn more is a bit confusing. They should be staying here to learn more…
    • Users will likely come from the url provided during presentations and in papers
    • The problem with where the users are coming from is moot
  • We need to really consider the division of labor between the splash page and the cog project page
    • The splash page is the face of CoG as a service provider
    • The project page is the face of CoG as a CoG user
  • Have the links open to new tabs so the novice user can still navigate from the splash page
  • CoG logo and tagline
    • New logo is in the works so this is a placeholder
  • Four topic areas – are they really good areas?
    • Blur between project governance and metadata services
      • Two different types of metadata: internal and external
    • Irina feels like the Project Governance link should take you to the forms to fill out metadata
      • But then you would need to be within your own project page
      • Editing the forms would edit the CoG project metadata
    • Ricky feels strongly about Project Gov and Metadata Services being separate
      • We on this project tend to think of the internal metadata as governance, but this might confuse users
      • Maybe not mention the “project-level metadata” in the Project Governance description
      • Still having an audience problem
      • NCPP project has spent an inordinate amount of time distinguishing between metadata and translational information
      • We cannot make an assumption that there is a shared understanding of metadata
    • The splash page provides enough info that a potential user can determine whether they want to use CoG
      • Re-write the descriptions to not indicate that clicking through will allow searching the data, etc. More descriptive less active.
        • CoG allows you to create project workspaces, that can be linked to other projects, edit wikis, send news, etc.
        • CoG exposes descriptions of management bodies, organizational roles, prioritization strategies, mission, values, partners, etc. to support project governance.
        • CoG provides data searching capabilities, that allow you to combine data artifacts with images and discussion.
        • CoG’s metadata services do something…
      • Only active
  • The documentation interface provided by the user guides
    • Appeals to a certain user set
    • 15-30s videos for how to do things will appeal to others
    • Might want to consider a combined page with all of the pieces together (like a faq)
    • Jillian needs to read through the documentation
  • Cosmetic feedback
    • Blurb should be part of the left column, not span the 2 columns
    • If using horizontal rules, they should be the same weight
    • CoG version info is crowding the support info
    • Artifacts is misspelled
  • Splash page will be released with v1.1


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