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Minutes: 121213

CoG Meeting 2012-12-13


In attendance: Sylvia, Cecelia, Jillian, Allyn, Luca, Ricky



  • AGU report
    • Oral session went well
      • Roughly 30 attendees
      • Got good positive feedback
        • Dan, David Arctur, Irina
      • Sylvia’s hidden agenda for organizing the session was to determine if there was anyone out there doing something similar
        • Open Geospatial Consortium
          • Developing a platform
          • Project management related functions
          • Downloadable to local project machines
    • Poster session
      • Poster drew visitors
      • Left business cards for demos, cards all gone by the end
      • Robert was curious as to whether it was built yet
    • 2 new potential customers from this
    • Good offline conversations
      • Invited speakers got together for a meal, etc.
    • Would it be worth getting together with OGC to consolidate
      • Different focus – OGC supports standard development/management
      • Would be good to support climate and forecast grid conventions
      • For groups that need to put out versioned documents
      • Doc changes are tracked
      • Giant calendar to show what all the OGC working groups are up to at any given time
    • Ricky’s feedback on AGU
      • Wants access to some of the talks
      • Wants to know more about Peter Fox’s work
      • Moving documents up to vote on standards
        • Holds together versions of the same doc even through the format changes over time (googledoc -> word -> etc)
  • Splash page
    • V1.0 is released
      • 1.1 tickets should be moved to 1.2, and 1.1 release should be the splash page
      • Sylvia is tied up, so we don’t want to hold up development for the splash page
      • According to Luca the 1.2 changes are going to take a long time
      • So it is more that whenever the splash page is completed the next release should go out
    • Revisions
      • Cecelia and Ricky liked the layout, so hopefully not too many changes
      • Higher res images
      • Keep 2 versions, one with links to documentation and one without
  • NCPP feedback/prioritization
    • We may want to take a look at the release schedule and the feedback
    • Update the release schedule
    • Sylvia, Cecelia, and Luca should just get together and update the prioritization list
  • Documentation
    • Waiting on feedback from Jillian
  • Next call?
    • Earth Cube offline meeting
      • Cecelia, Sylvia, Jillian - next week
    • Project views – topic of next call
    • Resolving the logo/splash page
    • Exporting project metadata
      • How to expose the schema and metadata
    • Publishing a real article next year?


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