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Minutes: 121220

CoG Call – 2012-12-20

In attendance: Sylvia, Allyn, Ricky, Luca, Jillian, Irina, Christiane, Cecelia


  • Discuss holiday schedule
    • Calls over the holiday?
      • 27th – no
      • 3rd – no
      • Tuesday the 8th at 1pm is next call
  • Confirm change in telco time  (looks like tuesdays 1pm MT)
    • Tuesdays at 1pm from now on
  • Update on EarthCube
    • Meeting on 2pm Mondays
    • Working on a document to establish how testing of the collaboration environments will occur
    • No need to post notes as of the moment, perhaps in the future
  • Splash page v3 feedback
    • Irina asked around and has feedback, but needs to get them written up
    • Jillian also has feedback, but needs to write it up
    • Allyn and Luca like v3
    • Release of v1.1 (including the splash page) needs to be calendared
  • Decide on support changes
    • Site support link – goes to CoG support mailing list
    • Where should a link to the documentation go?
    • Site support link should instead go to the support page of the cog site
      • Provide user manual, links to tutorials, etc.
      • Also has a link to the mailing list
    • Allyn pointed out a problem for when you are on the CoG project page it would be the same as linking to the Support tab
      • CoG Project is always a weird case
      • Doesn’t really seem like a big issue
    • Important to make it visible
      • Not important whether it is in the top bar or just clicking through the logo
    • Included in next release (v1.2?) – needs a ticket
  • Discuss changes to the project view
    • Current directory structure is currently confusing
    • We discussed this in part during the Earth Cube meeting and there was another one-off meeting yesterday
    • Moving from hierarchical tree to accordions labeled with parent, peer, child project designators
    • Working on a demo
    • Jillian – going to reserve judgment/feedback until seeing the interface demo
    • Demo will not include the sponsorship/funding and institutional relationships yet, because they require much more programming
    • Cecelia thinks the accordions would simplify the relationships
      • The projects would be able to designate their own peers
      • Cuts down on the resolution
      • New way to visualize the existing relationships
        • Changes the # of parent projects (can be more than 1)
        • Changing the reciprocity of the projects
    • Ricky – sees this as an ecological relationship or agent model
    • We are intending to use this for navigation
      • Flat widget rather than a network makes it more likely for someone to click through to the other projects
    • Peer becomes “I want to be linked to you” rather than some sort of derived relationship
      • For future collaboration or whatever
    • NCPP as an example
      • The subprojects have a certain relationship to NCPP
      • Friends
    • Google+ circle model
      • Complete control over defining the relationships from one person to another
      • Not necessarily reciprocal
    • There are pull down menus that allow the project user to define the relationship of your project to any other project
      • What about the scalability of this solution?
    • Expand the name acronym when hovering over the project
    • Display the difference between in-cog and external-cog links in the mock-up – even though it will be awhile before we add that functionality


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