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Configuration of CoG is handled via the $COG_CONFIG_DIR/cog_settings.cfg file. There are several environment variables that must be set and many more that can be set if desired to modify the node configuration.

Values set in this file will not be overridden by future upgrades.

Updating the SITE_NAME

If for any reason <SITE_NAME> or <SITE_DOMAIN> of the current node needs to change, the command below will need to be run (You do not have to do this for any other variable in the cog_settings.cfg file.)

python init_site

Configuration Variables

Variable Meaning Example
SITE_NAME A short human readable name identifying this specific CoG instance SITE_NAME = LOCALHOST
SITE_DOMAIN The node domain name and optional port number, without any protocol. SITE_DOMAIN = localhost:8000
TIME_ZONE The node specific time zone - see list of Django values for time zones TIME_ZONE=America/Denver
SECRET_KEY The node specific key: an arbitrary string with lots of strange characters. A random string is generated when CoG is first installed, but you may want to replace it with your own long sequence of random characters and keep it secret. SECRET_KEY=yb@$-bub$i_mr34dda%p=^(f-h&dsdaudssduy040x))19g^iha&#1134df4
COG_MAILING_LIST Low-traffic CoG mailing list used to announce downtimes and system upgrades.
DJANGO_DATABASE The specific database back-end database. 'postgres' or 'sqllite3' are the only two options. DJANGO_DATABASE = sqllite3
DATABASE_PATH Location of the database DATABASE_PATH = /Users/sylvia.murphy/COG/cog_config/
DATABASE_NAME Name of CoG postgres database (only needed if using Postgres database.)


DATABASE_USER Username to access the database (only needed if using Postgres). DATABASE_USER=None
DATABASE_PASSWORD Password to access the database (only needed if using Postgres). DATABASE_PASSWORD=<db_password>
DATABASE_PORT Port of database (only needed if using Postgres) DATABASE_PORT=5432
HOME_PROJECT short name of the project that serves as the node home (i.e. where requests to '/' are redirected). HOME_PROJECT=TestProject
MY_PROJECTS_REFRESH_SECONDS Time interval to check for updates of user project memberships. Do not make this too short. Units is seconds. MY_PROJECTS_REFRESH_SECONDS = 3600
PASSWORD_EXPIRATION_DAYS Optional number of days after which password expire. "0" means passwords never expire. PASSWORD_EXPIRATION_DAYS=150
IDP_REDIRECT Optional top-level URL to redirect user registration (no trailing '/'). Use only if the CoG installation has no associated ESGF node. IDP_REDIRECT=
MEDIA_ROOT Location of node-specific site_media directory (where all projects and users content is uploaded to) MEDIA_ROOT = /Users/sylvia.murphy/COG/cog_config/site_media
DEFAULT_SEARCH_URL Default ESGF search service URL for projects that enable the data search


ESGF_HOSTNAME ESGF Identity Provider hostname
ESGF_DBURL ESGF postgres database access string


IDP_WHITELIST White list of trusted ESGF identity providers IDP_WHITELIST = /esg/config/esgf_idp.xml, /esg/config/esgf_idp_static.xml
EMAIL_PORT Email port (leave blank if using the default)

EMAIL_PORT = # Address that will show up as sending CoG emails

EMAIL_SENDER Address that will show up as sending CoG emails EMAIL_SENDER = Earth System COG
EMAIL_USERNAME Email server username EMAIL_USERNAME = <username>
EMAIL_PASSWORD Email server password EMAIL_PASSWORD = <password>
EMAIL_SECURITY Email server handshake startup instruction (use only if needed) EMAIL_SECURITY = STARTTLS
DEBUG Always use False in production!!! DEBUG=False
ALLOWED_HOSTS Coma separated list of node names, without port. Mandatory if DEBUG=False otherwise every request will result in HTTP Error 400
ALLOWED_HOSTS = localhost

KNOWN_PROVIDERS = /esg/config/esgf_known_providers.xml
PRODUCTION_SERVER It needs to be set to True only when using a server with SSL support, other wise login will


Last Update: Dec. 17, 2015, 3:50 a.m. by Hydra Administrator
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