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Roles and Permissions

The following table summarizes the roles and permissions of project members.

  • Project Administrators can configure the project and fill in project-level metadata
  • Contributors can create wiki pages, send news, and update files.
  • Users can view private documents and make forum posts.
  • Unauthenticated visitors can view public projects, files and news.
Task Project Admin Contributor User Visitors
Update project X      
Delete project X      
Update project-level metadata X      
View pending members X      
View current members X      
Assign member roles X      
Create/Edit/Delete wiki page X X    
Edit Admin only wiki page X      
View private wiki page X X    
Change wiki page topic X X    
Add/Update/Delete file X X    
List Files X X X X
Make file private X X    
View private file X X X  
Edit site index X      
Publish/Update/Delete news X X    
List news X X X X
Add/Update comment X X    
Configure data search X      
Create/Update/Delete Resource Folder X X    
Create/Update/Delete Resource X X    
Create/Update/Delete Resource Note X X    
Create/Edit/Delete Forum Topic X      
Create/Edit/Delete Forum Thread X X X  
Create/Edit/Delete Forum Post X X X  



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