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Release Schedule: 2014 March

The following items summarize the major items plans for the next few CoG releases.

AS BUILT: December 2013 Version 2.0 (View full list of tickets on github)

  • Plans tab in the upper navigation bar changed to Roadmaps
  • Required NOAA links added
  • Required GSA analytics added
  • Some bug fixes

AS BUILT: January 2014 Version 2.1 (View full list of tickets on github)

  • CoG database migrated to Postgres
  • Enabled HTTPS Authentication
  • Resource folders now open by default
  • Project names no longer allowed to vary by case
  • Added NASA logo to the footer
  • Some bug fixes

AS BUILT: February 2014 Version 2.2 (View full list of tickets on github)

  • Enable a data cart
  • Enable wget data download
  • Begin bringing CoG into Section 508 compliance
  • Enable PDF files in the wiki Link Browser

April 2014 Version 2.3

  • Enable openID authentication
  • Standardize the use of headers for 508 compliance
  • Enable % signs in Resource URLs (to enable links to journal articles)
  • Improve the way Goverance Roles are displayed
  • Several textual changes to improve the user experience

June 2014 Version 2.4

  • Be able to federate projects

August 2014 Version 2.5

  • Enable federated sites to customize their header and footer
  • Enable ESGF search for replicas, versions, and sites
  • Deal with file deletion on the server
  • Several textual changes to improve the user experience
  • Standardize some text box sizes

September 2014 Version 2.6

  • Security scan the software in anticpation of federation
  • Integrate CoG with ESGF's security infrastructure
  • Make CoG a deployable application
  • Be able to delete a comment
  • Display a project's longname in the Project Browser
  • Add a place to display a project's tags
  • CSS cleanup


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