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Testing: Prerelease (Automated and Manual)

Pre-release Tests

The following list gives a summary of tests before each release.  The test suites should be run in the following order:

  • project_creation_suite
  • login_suite
  • misc_suite
  • data_suite
  • manual tests

Automated Tests


  file name expected results
01 create_project_bad
  • project short name throws error for non-ascii characters
  • project long name throws error for non-ascii characters
  • project long throws error if " used.
02 create_project
  • creating a project works including setting a project heirarchy
03 data_widget
  • data widget turns on and off
04 project_logo
  • logo can be added and deleted
05 upper_nav_bar_on
  • all links turn on and appear correctly
06 about_us
  • update of all links work
  • roll-up of all links work 
07 logistics
  • agenda/logistic wiki pages can be edited
08 software
  • update of all links work
  • roll-up of all links work 
09 users
  • update of all links work
  • roll-up of all links work 
10 developers
  • update of all links work
  • roll-up of all links work 
11 metrics
  • update works
  • roll-up works
12 roadmaps
  • update of all links work
  • roll-up of all links work 
13 governance
  • update of all links work
  • roll-up of all links work 
14 resources
  • predefined folders can be turned on or off
  • user-defined folders can be created and deleted
  • resources can be created
  • resources are ordered by ID and in decending order
  • resource folders are ordered alphabetically
  • tier 3 folders are closed by default
  • folders with years are reverse ordered
  • resources notes can be created
  • all items can be edited
  • all items can be moved
  • all items can be deleted
  • child items can be added and deleted from notes
15 contact us
  • update works
  • roll-up works
16 nodes_widget
  • node widget turns on
17 forum
  • forum turns on
  • forum topics, threads and posts create correctly
  • forum notification emails work
18 tagging
  • project tags appear
  • project tags can be selected and removed
  • tags preserve case
  • duplicate tags throw an error
  • new tags get added to the list of previous tags
19 nav_bar_off
  • turns off all links but the default items in the upper navigation bar
20 delete_project
  • deleting a project works


  Name Results
01 login_look
  • login page renders correctly
02 bad_login
  • login fails appropriately with an invalid username
03 create_account
  • account created
  • adding profile image works
  • adding research keywords works
  • adding research interests works
  • adding personal urls works
  • logging in with new account works
03 good_login
  • login is successful
  • upon logging in, the text at the top right accurately reflects role
04 delete_account
  • deleting account works

MISC Suite

01 admin_tools
  • list current user works
    • searching works
  • list pending user works
  • list all site users works
  • list system users works
  • updating someone else's profile works
02 publish_news
  • clicking on "publish news" results in news
  • clicking on news link in the widget results in the full news post
  • news can be updated
  • news is visible in other projects
  • deletion of news works
  • news is ordered by creation date not last_update date.
  • large text renders correctly
  • long urls render correct
03 wiki_editing
  • pages can be created, edited, and deleted
  • turning home page into a splash page works
  • attachments can be added
  • child pages can be added
  • lables can be added
  • topics can be added
  • links show up in left-nav bar correctly
  • left nav bar can be edited: topics and pages moved about
04 files
  • files can be added, updated, deleted
  • file browser works:
    • files can be added or deleted
    • files can be listed using the various options in the pull down
05 project_browser
  • this, my, all tabs work
  • clicking on project link works
06 site_support
  • link to the universal site support works

Data Suite

01 configure_search_general
  • open search configuration page
  • set url
  • set constrainst
  • turn on all checkboxes
  • add help text
  • go to search page, verify elements present
02 configure_search_facets
  • add 4 new search facets
  • add 2 groups
  • assign facets to groups
  • reorder facets
  • go to search page, verifty elements present
03 data_search
  • create new project
  • configure search for cmip5 data
  • conduct search
  • verify number of results is as expected
  • turn on replicas
  • verify number of results is as expected
  • select facet
  • verify number of results is as expected
  • conduct text search
  • verify number of results is as expected
  • show Metadata works
  • show Files works
  • changing to show 100 results works
04 data_cart
  • conduct search
  • save all results to data cart
  • verify number saves is as expected
  • wget script works
  • subselect variable
  • verify number of variables changes
  • show metadata works
  • hide metadata works
  • removing one dataset works
  • verify data cart number changes
  • remove all datasets works
  • last search works
05 delete project
  • list all projects works
  • project search works
  • delete project works

Manual Tests

item to be tested expected results
email notification
  • the project creation automated test should have generated email notifications
check version
  • the correct version appears in the footer
click "Search with Options"
  • JSON works
  • XML works
project tagging
  • can't test tags because cu-dev does not have an ESGF-IDP
  • you can search for projects by tag
  • you can save a tag
  • tags an associated projects show up under the "Tags" tab
  • User tag can be deleted
  • tags are federated (takes 2 hours to sync)
social networking
  • clicking on links brings up appropriate API
user profiles
  • can't test profiles because cu-dev does not have an ESGF-IDP
project privacy
  • making a project private works

If there are network problems, you can use a service like isitup to determine if the source of the problem is on your end or the CoG server (or development server) itself.


Last Update: Jan. 25, 2016, 3:39 p.m. by Sylvia Murphy