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Baseline/CMIP5 CV Versions

Controlled Vocabularies (CVs) contain the values that may be used for specific properties in a schema. The table below contains links to CVs that are associated with the Common Information Model (CIM) schema.

CVs are developed using Mind Maps.  For applications, they are converted to XML format.  The Metafor project maintains a repository of CVs organized by project or community.  Each project defines the subset of the baseline CV they wish to use. Projects can also propose additional terms to include in the baseline CV (for other projects to include).  In this way, a standard vocabulary that cuts across different Earth system communities can emerge.

Version More Information
Baseline version 1.0

This is the baseline CV; it contains the superset of all terms available to CIM Documents

CMIP5 version 1.0

This CV is specific to CMIP5; it contains the subset of CV v1.0 relevant to CMIP5.


A note about versions:  Some CIM documentation points to what appear to be the same CVs at different locations with different versions.  For example, ESMF sometimes uses the CVs located at the v1.0 tag of the "controlled_vocabularies" project within Metafor's SVN repository but other times uses the CVs located at the v1.3 (ie: most recent) tag of the "cmip5q" project.  Content-wise, these are identical.  CIM CVs are defined as mindmaps within the "controlled_vocabularies" project.  These are easy to manipulate graphically and intuitive to understand by users.  However, they are not well-suited for parsing by applications.  Therefore, these mindmaps get converted into another XML format which is then stored within the indivual appliations that use them.  Hence, the CVs tagged along with v1.3 of the "cmip5q" project are merely custom XML representations of the v1.0 mindmaps.

Last Update: Nov. 12, 2015, 10:16 a.m. by Sylvia Murphy

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