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CIM Schema Versions

The table below links to information associated with versions of the Common Information Model (CIM) schema.

Release Release Notes


  • Added "codeAccess" property to ModelComponent.
  • Added "version" property to SoftwareComponent.
  • Added "NUOPC" to CouplingFramework enumeration.
  • Fixed typos in ModelComponent and License classes.
  • Ensured grid references do not point to an abstract class.



This version correctly references external schemas and has additional structures proposed by NCPP to support their downscaling models.



This version correctly references external schemas; CIM Documents conforming to it can be validated using standard XML tools.


This is the de-facto version of the CIM.  It was primarily developed for CMIP5.  Most CIM Documents conform to it.


Last Update: Dec. 17, 2014, 5 p.m. by Allyn Treshansky