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ES-DOC-Models Development Overview

The tools development team for ES-DOC is small. Mark Greenslade (IPSL), is developing the CIM Viewer, CIM Comparator, CIM Search, and CIM API while Allyn Treshansky (NOAA/NESII) is developing the CIM Questionnaire. Sylvia Murphy (NOAA/NESII) provides assistance with project administration. The schema and controlled vocabularies team is much larger, and includes people from the organizations listed under About Us/Partners.
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Questionnaire v0.15.0.0 Released
This release implemented a RESTful framework for the Customizer. Learn more at: https://earthsyst...
ES-DOC v0.9.3 Released
This release added several new commands to the es-doc shell. Learn more at:
Questionnaire v0.14.0.0 Released
This releases changes how CIM elements are entered. Learn more at: https://earthsyst...
ES-DOC v0.9.2 Released
This version includes support for additional CIM Standard Properties. Learn more at:
Questionnaire v0.13.1.0 Released
This release prevents publication of incomplete documents. Learn more at: https://earthsyst...
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