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Who is Using ES-DOC?

Below is a listing of projects and or organizations that are utilizing ES-DOC tools:

Institution or Software Tool Used Description
ES-FDL Earth System Framework Description Language Questionnaire and Viewer ES-FDL is working to describe the functional scope and characteristics of modeling infrastructure in a standardized way. They are using the Questionnaire to gather infrastructure metadata and the Viewer to display that information to a broader community.
Earth System Prediction Suite (ESPS) Questionnaire and Viewer ESPS is a collection of flagship U.S. weather and climate models and model components that are structured for interoperability. They are using the Questionnaire to capture model information and the Viewer to display that information to a broader community.
UK Met Office pyesdoc and Viewer The UK Met Office has a workflow system in place to run model simulations and collect metadata associated with those runs. They are using pyesdoc to automatically produce and view model documentation.
Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) Viewer ESGF is a federated data archive, hosting many projects including CMIP5. CMIP5 data search results contain links to the CMIP5 model documentation collected, which is rendered using the Viewer (invoked directly via an API call). 
[Atmospheric] Dynamical Core Model Intercomparison Project (DCMIP) - 2012 Questionnaire and Viewer DCMIP-2012 conducted a model intercomparison project and used a customized version of the Questionnaire to gather model documentation for each model participating in the comparison. The information is rendered in the Viewer.
Quantatative Evaluation of Downscaling (QED) - 2013  Questionnaire QED-2013 conduced a workshop to compare and contrast statistical and dynamical downscaling techniques. They used a customized version of the questionnaire to gather information about statistical downscaling methods and regional climate models. 
Earth System CoG Collaboration Environment Viewer and Search CoG is a collaboration environment that host many model intercomparison projects. Projects on CoG can link to the Viewer and the Search tools for model documentation they may have generated (via the Questionnaire).
Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP5) Metafor Questionnaire, Viewer, Comparator CMIP5 was a multinational climate model intercomparison project involving over 20 models and hundreds of simulations. Metadata about the models, simulations, computing platforms, datasets, and citations were collected via the Metafor Questionnaire, the precursor to the ES-DOC Questionnaire. The Viewer and Comparator were used to display this information to the scientific community.


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