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Features * Full Fortran 90 interface, partial C/C++ interface
* Fortran 90 Reference Manual and User's Guide
* Runs on most high performance parallel computing platforms, including IBM, many
* Linux variants, Cray, Compaq, more (see here for the full list)
* Supports MPI, OpenMP and hybrid user codes
* 2500+ tests bundled with source distribution
* Free user support
* Active user community

Superstructure for coupling Earth system components:

* Component, State and Coupler software that wraps user code with minimal overhead
* Simple drivers that users can modify
* Sequential or concurrent execution of components
* Single executable capability
* Limited multiple executable capability

Infrastructure for building Earth system components:

* Time Manager that includes Gregorian, 360 day, no-leap, Julian, and other calendars, as well as a broad range of time functions
* Data structures for storage and manipulation of Arrays, Fields, and Bundles of Fields on the same grid.
* Parallel data communications and regridding software
* Message logging tools
* Resource file manager
System Requirements Basic requirements:

* GNU zip and tar for unpacking the ESMF software distribution package,
* GNU make,
* Fortran90 (or later) compiler,
* C++ compiler,
* GCC (for standard preprocessing),
* MPI installation built with the above Fortran and C++ compilers (alternatively ESMF can be built in single processor mode without MPI),
* optionally: Perl interpreter (for producing an overall test results summary),
* optionally: latex, latex2html, and dvipdf utility (for building the ESMF documentation - prebuilt documentation for all ESMF releases is available online on the ESMF web site).

For the offline interpolation weight generation application,
- and -
For the ESMF_GridCreate() and ESMF_MeshCreate() library calls that read grid information from a file:

* NetCDF provides the ability to read grid files in the NetCDF format.

(For releases BEFORE 5.3.0) For using the higher order finite element patch recovery method, for both offline and integrated interpolation weight generation:

* LAPACK is used in the numerics of the method.

For using ESMF I/O methods (for example ESMF_FieldBundleWrite()):

* NetCDF, or
* Parallel-NetCDF, or
* NetCDF-4. Note that HDF5 is required for full functionality. If you are using the NetCDF classic format, HDF5 is not needed.

For reading or writing ESMF Attributes in XML:

* Xerces provides the ability to read and write Attribute data in XML file format.
Supported Platforms The list of platforms varies by release. Links to release-specific platforms exist on the list of master releases. List of supported platforms for the last public release:

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