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ESMF Tutorials

ESMF tutorials are offered on a regular basis to provide user training in both on-site and webinar formats. We are currently offering an overview tutorial that covers essential aspects of ESMF including component-based modeling, ESMF distributed data classes, grid representations and regridding, and the NUOPC Interoperability Layer.  Advanced tutorials will be offered in late Spring 2017 and the anticipated topics include representing model grids with ESMF, using the ESMF regridder, and building coupled systems with NUOPC components.

Topic Duration Frequency Format
ESMF/NUOPC overview tutorial 1.5 hours quarterly webinar
ESMF/NUOPC overview tutorial 1 day as requested, at least yearly at NRL, EMC, and NASA on-site
Advanced topics: Grids and grid remapping 1.5 hours as requested (currently under development) webinar
Advanced topics: Building a NUOPC cap 1.5 hours as requested (currently under development) webinar
Site-specific tutorials 4 hours as requested webinar
Cupid tutorial 1 day as requested, at least yearly at NRL, EMC, and NASA on-site
E-learning courses varies materials available online (currently under development) online


Recent ESMF/NUOPC Overview Webinars

  • February 28, 2017 - Overview of ESMF and NUOPC - VideoSlides
  • December 13, 2016 - Overview of ESMF and NUOPC - Slides
  • November 15, 2016 - Overview of ESMF and NUOPC - Slides

Upcoming ESMF/NUOPC Overview Tutorials

These tutorials are suitable for those new to ESMF or the NUOPC Interoperability Layer and will cover major features and capabilities at a introductory level.  Registration information is sent about four weeks ahead of time to the ESMF JST mailing list.  Please visit the JST list page to subscribe.

  • Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - 12PT / 1MT / 2CT / 3ET

Advanced Topics

  • ESMF Grids and Regridding (expected late Spring 2017)
  • Building coupled applications with NUOPC components (expected Summer 2017)



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