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Motivation & Partners

This joint pilot is motivated by the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Department of Interior and NOAA to coordinate and cooperate on climate science activities and to leverage existing activities at both agencies.  The DOI North Central Climate Science Center (NC CSC) and the NOAA/NCAR‐ National Climate Predictions and Projections (NCPP) Platform have established a joint pilot project as an activity supporting that MOU.

The DOI Climate Science Centers (CSCs) are being established to provide fundamental scientific information, tools, and techniques that land, water, wildlife, and cultural resource managers and other interested parties can apply to anticipate, monitor, and adapt to climate change impacts. Much of the information and tools provided by the CSCs, including physical and biological research, ecological forecasting, and multi‐scale modeling, will be in response to the landscape‐level priority needs identified by the DOI Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs), as well as the cross‐sectoral needs of other agencies and communities in the region.

The NCPP mission is to support state‐of‐the‐art approaches to develop and deliver comprehensive regional climate information and facilitate its use in decision making and adaptation planning. The vision of the NCPP is to create a community enterprise where climate information users, infrastructure developers, and scientists come together in a collaborative, problem-solving environment.  The NCPP recognizes the abundance of existing, distributed capabilities that need to be brought together to address the challenges of climate change.

NCPP is already partnering with the USGS GeoDataPortal (GDP) to leverage the current and future capabilities. NCPP’s evolving role in that partnership is to augment the GDP services by developing translational information, including guidance on use and interpretive information about the quality and appropriateness of use of climate information for various applications. NCPP believes that the best way to develop this translational information is to work with users.

The objective of the joint pilot is to prototype the use of climate projections in landscape conservation impact models to better inform DOI land management and planning decisions. The overarching goal is for NCPP and NCCSC to collaborate to develop decision-support tools for the landscape conservation community.  In the process, we will explore together what is “best available science” for key management questions.  Our pilot will also develop a deliberate, ongoing interaction to prototype how NCPP will work with CSCs to develop and deliver needed climate information products. This pilot will build capacity in the NCCSC to use climate projections as inputs to DOI impact models and will facilitate a better understanding by the NCPP about how jointly developed climate products can meet partner needs.


This graphic shows the NC-CSC area outlined in red, with the partner LCCs in several colors.

Graphic from Jeffrey Morisette, NC-CSC Director.

Last Update: Oct. 24, 2012, 3 p.m. by Allyn Treshansky

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