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NOAA Environmental Software Infrastructure and Interoperability

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Our mission

To advance understanding and improve predictions of the Earth system by delivering infrastructure software that enables new scientific discoveries, fosters collaborations, and promotes resource efficiency.

What we build

The NESII group collaboratively develops a range of software infrastructure products for the Earth system sciences.  These include model coupling systems, grid remapping and other utilities, metadata services, data subsetting and reformatting tools, and model intercomparison and collaboration environments.  NESII products are distinguished by their outstanding computational performance and portability, range of features and options, production quality,and level of user support.  They can stand alone, but they are also built to work together as a suite to address complex problems.

Beyond performance

It is critically important for Earth system models to run fast, and the NESII team tracks technical trends and optimizes its software for emerging computing architectures.  However, performance optimization is just one aspect of the software development required to build and deliver high quality modeling and data systems.   Component integration, description, and evaluation are essential for multi-component models and multi-model ensembles.  Data must be easy to access, transformed into formats suitable for end users, and remapped to standard grids for visualization and comparison.

Infrastructure support for these processes can be challenging to execute in a fragmented, multi-agency environment, but that support is necessary for creating predictive systems that produce accessible, useful, defensible information.

NESII creates open-source software products that are not only fast … they deliver production-ready capabilities that are not available elsewhere, and enable the solution of problems that would otherwise be intractable. 

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