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 February 2014

OpenClimateGIS Overview

OpenClimateGIS (OCGIS) is a Python package designed for geospatial manipulation, subsetting, computation, and translation of climate datasets stored in local NetCDF files or files served through THREDDS data servers. OpenClimateGIS has a straightforward, request-based API that is simple to use yet complex enough to perform a variety of computational tasks. The software is built entirely from open source packages. ClimateTranslator is a new web interface to the OpenClimateGIS functionality.

OpenClimateGIS is currently in beta release.

GIS Capabilities
  • Subsetting (e.g. intersects and intersection) of climate datasets by bounding box, Shapely geometries, or shapefiles (point or polygon) (e.g. city centroid, a single county or watershed, state boundaries).
  • Time and level range subsetting.
  • Single or multi-dataset requests (i.e. concatenation).
  • Area-weighted aggregation to selection geometries.
  • Alpha support for projected climate datasets.
  • Geometry wrapping and unwrapping to maintain logically consistent longitudinal domains.
  • Polygon and point geometric abstractions.
Data Conversion
  • Access to local NetCDF data or data hosted remotely on a THREDDS (OPeNDAP protocol) data server. Only the piece of data selected by an area-of-interest is transferred from the remote server.
  • Stream climate data to multiple formats. Currently supported formats include keyed CSV-shapefile, shapefile, CSV, GeoJSON, NetCDF, and NumPy.
  • Extensible converter framework to add custom formats.
  • Automatic generation of request metadata.
  • Push data to a familiar format to perform analysis or keep the data as NumPy arrays, perform analysis, and dump to a supported format.
  • Extensible computational framework for arbitrary inclusion of NumPy-based calculations.
  • Apply computations to entire data arrays or temporal groups.
  • Computed data may be streamed to any supported formats.
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